Meta-Cognitive Psychology

Paranoia and Thought Processes in the General Population

Rachel Sellers - University of Manchester, UK.

Time to complete - 30 minutes.

I am interested in whether the way people process information can affect the number of paranoid thoughts they have and the amount of distress they experience. I need individuals from the general population to complete a survey about paranoia, beliefs and thought processes. Information you provide will remain confidential.

Subjective Experience in Others’ Memories

Helen Williams - University of Victoria, Canada.

Time to complete - 20 minutes.

I am interested in people’s awareness and justifications about how accurately they remember something. You will see justification statements that participants made when they thought they recognised a word in an experiment, your task is to decide which category their justification falls into from: Remember, Know, Familiar, Guess.

Memory Awareness Questionnaire

Helen Williams - University of Richmond, USA.

Time to complete - 30 minutes.

This research stems from our interest in people’s awareness of their own memory abilities, and people’s justifications about how accurately they remember something. You will be asked to make a judgment about other people’s memory experiences from memory justification statements they made in a previous memory experiment.

A study to investigate the effects of exposure using habituation versus meta-cognitive rationales in Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Rosalyn Hartwell & Professor Adrian Wells - University of Manchester

The study will involve three initial online screening questionnaires. A proportion of participants will be asked to participate further which will involve meeting with the researcher on three occasions. Therefore, please only participate if you are from the Manchester region of the UK!

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